Northwest Hydraulic Consultants (NHC) recently teamed with GW Solutions to conduct a high-level review of Site C Environmental Assessment documents. The purpose of this review was to identify issues of concern for Treaty 8 member nations to raise with the BC Provincial Water Comptroller. 

Focusing on issues that may intersect with treaty rights, the NHC/GWS team provided a comprehensive review of a large volume of EA documents in a very short period of...

GW Solutions was responsible for the design and production of the Groundwater Protection Regulation Handbook. This handbook was designed to be a practical tool for contractors and professionals which would:

• illustrate the various requirements of the Ground Water Protection Regulation (the “Regulation”) established under the Water Act;
• have a system of tabs to provide quick access to specific information related to the various types of wells;
• be p...

The Nanaimo Airport Commission is aware of the value of the groundwater aquifer that lies beneath the airport, and recognizes its duty to protect this resource. GW Solutions has been retained to develop and implement a long-term water strategy. The adopted strategy is based on three simple questions:

  • What do we have? (Asset)

  • What do we have to manage? (Management)

  • What do we have to protect? (Protection)

Southern Lakes Raise in Elevation


Yukon Energy is proposing to modify the controlled high and low water level of the Yukon Southern Lakes to increase the hydroelectric energy potential of its hydro power facility. GW Solutions was retained by Yukon Energy and the Southern Lakes Water Level Committee to review historical information, hydrogeological studies completed by others, to visit the area, meet local residents and express a professional opinion...

GW Solutions was part of the team that led a roundtable discussion, initiated by the Regional District of Nanaimo (RDN), in identifying and prioritizing actions that should be taken to protect regional water resources and to improve understanding of the watersheds.

This was done with the help and guidance of a committee representing a variety of region-wide interests including Electoral Area residents, the BC Ministry of Environment, the Vancouver Isla...

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