GW Solutions was responsible for the design and production of the Groundwater Protection Regulation Handbook. This handbook was designed to be a practical tool for contractors and professionals which would:

• illustrate the various requirements of the Ground Water Protection Regulation (the “Regulation”) established under the Water Act;
• have a system of tabs to provide quick access to specific information related to the various types of wells;
• be p...

Based on communication with ECOSCAPE Environmental Consultants Ltd, GW Solutions understood that the objectives of the project were as follows:

  1. In partnership with the BC Government identify which MODFLOW commercial graphical user interfaces will be used in the future so that the Okanagan developed MODFLOW will provide a provincial pilot model populated with ongoing Aquarius data.

  2. Transform the available Geological Survey of Canada data, recen...

GW Solutions has completed a compilation, sorting, formatting, and organization of publicly available data on surface water and groundwater quality in the PRRD.  Data from over 12,000 surface water samples from 326 locations, and 875 samples from 522 locations, going back to the 1970s.

GW Solutions has compared the results to applicable provincial and federal guidelines.

GW Solutions has used Water Quality Indexes (WQI) to assign values indicative of th...

GW Solutions has defined a conceptual model of the groundwater regime in the area of the Liard Hot Springs (located near the BC-Yukon border) for Fisheries and Oceans Canada and has provided an opinion on the potential risks associated with deep well drilling in the area

The bottled Water Industry in Ontario and The Vulnerability of Its Water Source

GW Solutions has completed a report for the Council of Canadians providing an overview of the bottled water industry in Ontario, Canada, its use of provincial water resources, and its potential impact on these resources.

A description of the bottled water industry including known facilities and permits for water withdrawals is provided, as is an overview of the water resourc...

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