The Nanaimo Airport Commission is aware of the value of the groundwater aquifer that lies beneath the airport, and recognizes its duty to protect this resource. GW Solutions has been retained to develop and implement a long-term water strategy. The adopted strategy is based on three simple questions:

  • What do we have? (Asset)

  • What do we have to manage? (Management)

  • What do we have to protect? (Protection)

GW Solutions advised the board of directors of the Clearbrook Waterworks District (CWD) about the operation of their water supply system. The CWD delivers an average 5000 m3/day of non-treated drinking water originating from a shallow confined aquifer. GW Solutions provided reports and tools describing and explaining the source of the water, the operation of the wells, the daily cost of extraction of the groundwater, the quality of the water, and the...

Proposed Expansion of Aggregate Mining and Potential Impact on the Groundwater Regime

GW Solutions Inc. has produced a report describing the hydrogeological conditions in the Cowichan Valley Regional District area of Arbutus Ridge (south of Duncan) and reviewing the operation of the water supply system and its potential impacts on the local aquifers.

GW Solutions was commissioned in 2011 by the BC Comptroller, Water Allocation and Utility Regulation Section, to assess the Woodley Range Water Works; a private water utility located on a rocky hill, south of Nanaimo Airport, on the east coast of Vancouver Island.

Six (6) bedrock wells were drilled in the early 1990s and a water system was designed and rated in 1993 through 1996 to supply a residential subdivision.  In 2009 and 2010, Woodley Range expe...

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