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Bonaparte IR #3 - Groundwater Exploration Program with the Construction and Testing of a New Product

GW Solutions was retained by David Nairne & Associates Ltd (DNA) to carry out a groundwater exploration program with the construction and testing of a new production well for the Bonaparte IR #3. GW Solutions understands the new water supply and distribution system that is to be constructed through 2016 – 2017 requires a second production well as per Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) requirements.

Work completed by GW Solutions included the following:

  • Site, design, drill and complete a new 8-inch production well;

  • Design and complete a step test followed by a 24-hour constant rate pumping test;

  • Calculate the safe yield for the well;

  • Test the water quality and compare results to applicable water quality guidelines;

  • Produce a summary report.


Nanaimo (Head Office)

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#210-233 W 1st St, N Vancouver, BC V7M 1B3

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