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GW Solutions Inc. is a highly regarded consulting firm that specializes in hydrogeology. Established in 2005 by Dr. Gilles Wendling, our company has grown to become a respected entity in western and northern Canada. Our team of experts possesses a diverse skill set that encompasses technical, software, educational, and field-related aspects of hydrogeology. Despite being headquartered in Nanaimo, BC, we are involved in projects throughout western Canada and the Yukon. We work collaboratively with First Nations, other companies, and regional and municipal governments to identify practical and economical solutions to manage and protect groundwater and watersheds. Our commitment to effective communication and visual representation of results enables us to assist our diverse clients in identifying solutions and making informed decisions. We invite you to explore our website to learn more about our company and the services we offer.


Our work focuses on protecting groundwater to ensure the health of ecosystems and people. As a result, much of our expertise, resources, and knowledge are dedicated to safeguarding water for future generations and better understanding how water moves in watersheds and interacts with the land and communities.


We enjoy working on solutions with clients to reach a greater understanding, adapted management, adequate monitoring and long-term protection of water.

Audience and Lecturer


GW Solutions is committed to promoting education about groundwater, aquifers, and watersheds. Our team has created a variety of educational materials, including posters, handbooks, presentations, and video clips. We have also participated in films on these important topics.

Watering the Garden

Community Support

GW Solutions is committed to supporting communities in their efforts to protect watersheds We offer technical support and expertise to organizations, groups of concerned citizens, and we are always willing to volunteer our time and adjust our costs to support these important initiatives. We are also happy to share our knowledge and understanding of water and watersheds at public forums.

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