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Our Work with
Indigenous Communities 

GW Solutions has had the honour to work with many indigenous communities in British Columbia, Alberta, and the Yukon territory. Our approach looks at water holistically and we look to translate science that supports Aboriginal water rights. In other words, our work focuses on stewardship for land and water and life that depends upon water.


GW Solutions provides technical expertise to indigenous communities to characterize and to protect groundwater, aquifers, and watersheds within their territories.  Together, we develop positions and strategies toward water management that can be used for discussions in treaty negotiations, or to assess the potential impacts of land development projects.


GW Solutions also provides expertise in reviewing industry applications for access to water resources for oil and gas exploration and extraction.  We assess the cumulative effects of both the modification of the land use and of human activities on water resources.



treaty negotiation

We work with you to ensure groundwater and aquifers are properly defined to safeguard enough clean water is available for your community, and life on your lands.  We work with your legal team in the protection of water as it is connected to your Aboriginal rights.

Customized Data tools for holistic water management

We compile, store, analyse, and visualise information on water and groundwater. We tell stories, using clear illustrations, about how water moves in watersheds, both at the surface and in the subsurface.  We provide technical support to assist leadership in decision making.

Click here to learn more about our data visualization and interpretation tool.

source water protection

We assess how activities conducted on the land and in the subsurface are affecting or could affect water.

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