We work with land and water managers (local government, First Nations) in defining, assessing, managing and protecting groundwater, aquifers and watersheds.  We are continuously developing tools to manage large data sets and create visuals to render complex information easy to understand. We work with other engineering or consulting firms when they need expertise on groundwater and aquifers.

We review the impact of large and complex projects (e.g., mines, oil & gas - oil sands / shale gas) on groundwater and watersheds

Complex Groundwater Impact Assessment

Groundwater and Aquifer Mapping

We generate 2D and 3D images that show the aquifers or many aquifers in a watershed underneath the ground.


From our tools, we can build conceptual models to show where and how water flows in the ground.  

Source Identification

We identify where we will encounter groundwater.  We organize drilling and testing of water wells and write reports to meet regulatory requirements.  

Water Well Design and Testing

We design water wells to meet your water needs.  We make then energy efficient (low operating cost) and optimize the quality of the water they will produce.

Groundwater Permitting

We are happy to provide you with a step-by-step process to ensure that you will meet all the necessary requirements needed for a successful application.

Technical Support to Legal Advice

We provide technical expertise on hydrogeology and act as an expert witness.

Water Quality and Quantity Monitoring

We test water sources, both for quality and quantity (i.e., rating of yields of water wells).

We collect, store, organise, and display monitoring data.

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