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Clearbrook Waterworks District

GW Solutions advised the board of directors of the Clearbrook Waterworks District (CWD) about the operation of their water supply system. The CWD delivers an average 5000 m3/day of non-treated drinking water originating from a shallow confined aquifer. GW Solutions provided reports and tools describing and explaining the source of the water, the operation of the wells, the daily cost of extraction of the groundwater, the quality of the water, and the risks of deterioration of the water quality, etc. in the service of Clearbrook Waterworks District groundwater management. The directors of the CWD now have the tools to better understand and monitor their water system, and are in a better position to make decisions to meet present and future water demands.

Two reports present a portion of the work completed by GW Solutions for CWD.

The hydrogeological Study: GW Solutions Inc. (GW Solutions) has produced this report with the following intent:

  • to compile in one document information describing the regional and local hydrogeological conditions;

  • to compile information relevant to the construction and completion of the CWD production wells and present it in a visual and practical way;

  • to compile and present information on the operation of the wells to understand their behaviour within the local hydrogeological setting;

  • to compare the present use, existing capacity and estimated optimum capacity

  • to the present and estimated near-future water demand.

This work was made possible through the design and build up of spreadsheets, graphs and drawings. The continual updating of these tools will allow monitoring of the dynamic relationship between the production wells and the CWD aquifer system. This will also provide part of the information required for the board to make educated decisions about the operation, monitoring and upgrading of the water supply system.

The information about the regional setting and the regional hydrogeological conditions were provided by Simon Fraser University.

The water quality assessment report: GW Solutions Inc. (GW Solutions) has produced this report with the following intent:

  • to compile in one document the available historical information on water quality;

  • to assess the geochemistry of the groundwater used by CWD and its variation over time;

  • to estimate the capture zone of the wells and the source of groundwater;

  • to identify factors that could impact the quality of the drinking water source; and

  • to propose measures to monitor and to protect the drinking water source.

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