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Peace River Regional District/T8TA - Groundwater Baseline Study

GW Solutions has completed a compilation, sorting, formatting, and organization of publicly available data on surface water and groundwater quality in the PRRD. Data from over 12,000 surface water samples from 326 locations, and 875 samples from 522 locations, going back to the 1970s.

GW Solutions has compared the results to applicable provincial and federal guidelines.

GW Solutions has used Water Quality Indexes (WQI) to assign values indicative of their water quality to samples. Maps have been produced illustrating whether the water quality is poor to excellent for the region and for each watershed, and if the water quality is getting better or worse (i.e. trends).

GW Solutions has analyzed the data to classify the water samples per water type, based on the presence of the major ions constituting water. Water chemistry results were analyzed. Hundreds of scatter plots, piper plots, and maps have been generated to present and illustrate the results.

In addition, GW Solutions has compiled, sorted, formatted, organized and interpreted lithological and groundwater elevation data to map aquifers (in 3D), and to characterize the groundwater regime (flow directions and hydraulic gradients).

This work was done in partnership between the Peace River Regional District and the Treaty 8 Tribal Association, with funding support from the BC Real Estate Foundation.

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