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Regional District of Nanaimo - Action for Groundwater

GW Solutions was part of the team that led a roundtable discussion, initiated by the Regional District of Nanaimo (RDN), in identifying and prioritizing actions that should be taken to protect regional water resources and to improve understanding of the watersheds.

This was done with the help and guidance of a committee representing a variety of region-wide interests including Electoral Area residents, the BC Ministry of Environment, the Vancouver Island Health Authority, the Islands Trust, local well drillers, forestry interests and conservation groups.

The Action for Water program is focusing on 5 major actions:

  • Improving awareness of our valuable water resources

  • Understanding risks that threaten these resources

  • Reducing risks through better planning and decision-making

  • Using water wisely to sustain water supplies for years to come

  • Healthy water that is free of contaminants

The Action for Water plan will be completed between 2009 and 2019 at an approximate cost of $5 million. Implementation of the plan was approved by the residents of the RDN through a referendum in November 2008.

An outline of the plan can be viewed on the RDN web site and a copy of the document can be downloaded (as well as a brochure and a poster).

This watershed management and water source protection plan is the first such initiative taken by a regional district in BC.

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