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Regional District of Nanaimo - Area A: Best Management Practices for Land Development

GW Solutions has led a project, in partnership with Vancouver Island University, consisting of providing guidance to the Regional District of Nanaimo on best management practices (BMPs) for land development, taking into consideration the impact land development may have on the quality and the quantity of the water resource. For this Nanaimo water source assessment project, the following has been completed:

  • Assessment of the present and future water demand;

  • Definition of the water source;

  • Definition of a regional water balance;

  • Definition of the vulnerability of the aquifers, using the DRASTIC method;

  • Assessment of the hazards to water quality;

This work will result in the proposal of practical BMPs that will be integrated in the Official Community Plan (OCP) for the present and future protection of the water source.

The report is available on the RDN website.

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