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Bullock Lake, Salt Spring Island

The Owners of the Property carried out a series of technical studies related to water supply and wastewater disposal to support amendments to the Official Community Plan (OCP) and zoning changes, in its application for the Bullock Lake Cottages development.

GW Solutions was retained to:

  • Review Waterline’s report focusing mainly on methodology, results, and conclusions

  • Provide an opinion on whether risks can be identified, according to the Island Trust Water Quantity and Water Quality - Trust Policy 4.4.2 which states:

  • Local trust committees and island municipalities shall, in their official community plans and regulatory bylaws, address measures that ensure:

  • neither the density nor intensity of land use is increased in areas which are known to have a problem with the quality or quantity of the supply of freshwater,

  • water quality is maintained, and

  • existing, anticipated and seasonal demands for water are considered and allowed for.

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