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Yellow Point Ventures

Yellow Point Ventures is developing Phase 2 of the proposed subdivision at 3850 Yellow Point Road, Cedar, BC. Phase 2 involves the development of six news lots ranging in size from 2 hectares to 10 hectares each with an individual water source.

The objectives of GW Solutions’ work have been to:

  • Meet the quantity and quality requirements as outlined by the Cowichan Valley Regional District (CVRD) Bylaw 1215 Section 8.3 (b) that states:

“Where groundwater is proposed as a source of domestic water within a proposed subdivision, the subdivider shall provide:

  1. A well on each new parcel, capable of providing a minimum per minute yield of 4.5 litres (1 imperial gallon - 1.2 USgpm) based on tests done between June 1st and November 1st (summer testing) and 9 liters (2 imperial gallons – 2.4 USgpm) based on tests done between November 2nd and May 31st (winter testing).

  2. A well on each new parcel capable of producing a minimum daily yield of 2,273 litres and a letter from a certified well driller or a professional engineer with groundwater assessment experience stating the well is adequate for domestic use.


  1. A groundwater capability report, prepared by a professional engineer with groundwater assessment experience, which provides a reasonable assurance that all parcels in the subdivision will be capable of supporting wells capable of producing the minimum water yields required in 8.3(b)(i) above.”

  • Assess the impact of the development on the capacity of area to allow for groundwater recharge as per Bylaw 1497 Section 3.7.4 (b. ii) that states:

  1. “ii) a report on the water requirements, waste disposal requirements and potential impact of project on the groundwater recharge area”

As part of GW Solutions’ assessment, the following tasks were completed:

  • Review background information on wells and aquifers;

  • Collect background water levels;

  • Supervision of six, 24-hour pump tests;

  • Data analysis and interpretation;

  • Final Report.

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