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Minnie Lake Conservation Society - Report in Preparation for an Intervention with the Energy Resourc

GW Solutions has prepared the report at the request of the Minnie Lake Conservation Society (MLCS) and in preparation for an intervention with the Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB) of Alberta.

This report has been produced with the following intentions:

  • To describe the hydrological and hydrogeological conditions near Minnie Lake (Minnie Lake is located in the Beaver River Watershed, near Coal Lake in Northeast Alberta);

  • To conceptually describe the water-sources of Minnie Lake, the aquifers and the movement of the groundwater near Minnie Lake;

  • To identify whether there are any hydrogeological connections between groundwater at shallow depths (e.g, less than 100 m), and groundwater at deeper depths (e.g., greater than 100 m) in this area;

  • To identify whether the proposed drilling and completion of wells, and the proposed extraction of oil may modify the groundwater regime;

  • To identify whether there is a risk of potential long term impact on the groundwater quality and on Minnie Lake, associated with the proposed activities.

  • A presentation was given at the intervention which is available below as either a movie or pdf file.

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