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Village of Tahsis - Groundwater Exploration Program and New Production Well

GW Solutions was retained by McElhanney Consulting Services Ltd. to carry out a groundwater exploration program and construct a new production well for the Village of Tahsis.

The objectives of GW Solutions’ work were to:

  • find a suitable groundwater source (i.e. water meeting water quality guidelines, avoiding adverse conditions such as Groundwater Under Direct Influence of Surface Water (GUDI) or Groundwater at Risk of Containing Pathogens (GARP));

  • construct a production well that will yield a sufficient water to supply the Village of Tahsis;

  • conduct an aquifer pumping test with the new well;

  • propose a preliminary groundwater protection plan (GPP) in order to preserve both the quantity and the quality of the water source.

As part of GW Solutions’ work, the following tasks were completed:

  • review of background information;

  • drilling and completion of two test wells;

  • drilling and completion of a production well;

  • development of the production well;

  • aquifer/well pumping test;

  • water chemistry analysis;

  • development of a preliminary well head protection plan.

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